I have worked at Cellhire for one year and have enjoyed every minute of it. My role is varied and I feel valued as an employee, particularly in terms of development and the level of autonomy from my manager. I feel proud to be part of the Cellhire family.

- HR Assistant

Having worked at Cellhire for over 5 years, I’ve gained valuable experience and have advanced into a leadership role as Head of Development. I now manage a small team and have been involved in a wide range of projects to support the business and help contribute to its success. I love the wide variety of projects, clients, and technologies I get to work with at Cellhire. It’s been a great opportunity to get into all the major tiers of the software development stack and solve lots of non-trivial problems.

Head of Development -

I like working at Cellhire, my role of ‘Customer Services Co-ordinator’ presents me with new challenges and situations each day which keeps the role interesting and rewarding. I feel my work makes a real difference to our customers and I enjoy resolving their queries on a daily basis. The working environment is great because everyone is very helpful and supportive.

- Customer Services Coordinator

I enjoy working for Cellhire because of the good working environment. Having previously worked in recruitment, I’ve been lucky enough to experience many different work environments in client visits. Cellhire is different from the moment you walk in; everyone is so friendly and inviting. I didn’t feel pressurised in the interview; it felt like they were on my side and supporting me from the get-go. There are so many people here who will help you no matter what, from simply answering a question about work to giving you a lift in the rain. There’s a really strong sense of community in the company and I think Cellhire pride themselves on that. Everyone is pretty sociable here and I like the fact Cellhire not only offer staff socials (like bowling and BBQ’s), but maintain a social presence on a regular basis including inviting staff from other Cellhire offices, this is important for building those strong relationships. Overall, it’s a really good, friendly work environment.

Airtime Administrator -

I began working at Cellhire as a Marketing Assistant and quickly progressed to Marketing Executive. I enjoy exposure to every area of the business around the world and believe the positive can-do attitude shown by everyone is what makes Cellhire the world leader in global mobile communications. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cellhire as a great place to work.

- Marketing Executive

Working for Cellhire is enjoyable because everyone is friendly and there’s a real team spirit not just within my own team but across the whole company. Training and support is provided to help me with my role and everyone is happy to help. Regular social events are held which help you get to know people you wouldn’t normally interact with day to day.

Customer Support -

Cellhire provided me with the tools to develop my career from day one; not only offering technical support such as an Accounting Qualification, but giving me the opportunity to develop business relationships and communication skills that have proven to be invaluable throughout my career.

- Commercial Analyst