Cellhire's service-wrap sets the business apart from the competition. Cellhire's Customer First ethic ensures that customers have the appropriate solution coupled with the perfect choice of services and first class support. Whether it's address book pre-programming or bespoke app installation on smartphone devices, Cellhire can deliver a package designed around any requirement.

International SIM Cards - SIMSmartâ„¢

Cellhire provides voice and data solutions for both short and long term business. Cellhire's SIMSmartâ„¢ portfolio offers local airtime with over 50 global networks in over 40 countries across the world. A distinguished international network portfolio ensures that it remains the world leader in international mobile solutions.


Cellhire's global fleet of mobiles phones now exceeds 100,000, offering a range of devices from the humble cell phone to the latest in smartphone technology. Cellhire handsets are fully equipped with the relevant voice and data airtime where applicable, ensuring end users get the most out of their device. Cellhire also sub-rents equipment to resellers around the world for event-based demand.

Mobile Wi-Fi Routers

Mobile internet access allows users to connect to the web on the move. Cellhire's fleet of mobile WiFi routers enable up to five users at once to share an internet connection. Businesses travelling around the world need to keep their employees plugged in to the business cost effectively and Cellhire's mobile MiFi devices offer user-flexibility together with local data bundles.

Satellite Phones

Satellite phone solutions are essential in delivering communication services to and from remote areas around the world where standard networks are simply not available. As a global satellite phone service provider Cellhire can provide airtime over the Iridium, Thurya and Inmarsat networks. We also offer the latest in light-weight and compact satellite phones including the Inmarsat Isatphone Pro.

Cellhire Push to Talk

The Cellhire Push to Talk service allows your field workers to keep in constant touch with the office as well as each other throughout the USA. By using mobile phones instead of 2-way radios, Push to Talk also allows you to better manage equipment costs as staff need only carry one device. Communicating with Push to Talk is instantaneous as there is always an open voice channel and no need to dial a number.

Vismo - Global Tracking Solutions

Our sister company Vismo has developed a global mobile tracking solution which allows companies and organisations to track, protect and respond to employees as they travel around the world. A simple software application is downloaded to their smartphone or satellite phone and a secure website is used to display location information.

Visit the Vismo website